We will perform light house keeping duties, e.g. vacuuming, and quick wipe down of counter tops.  We will dispose of any unsold items as discussed in the contract. NOTE: We are not responsible for disposal of hazardous materials, including used cleaning, motor vehicle, paint and other supplies that can not be sold. Those items will be stacked in the corner of the garage or basement.  We will put together a summary of sale results showing you the gross sale proceeds, fees and expenses(if any) deducted from the total proceeds of the sale.(per the contract)     

                          How may we be of service to you!

Simply call or e-mail us to get the process started.  Lets find out a little more about each other.  We'll discuss your needs and the services we can provide.  If you are comfortable with taking the next step in the process, we'll schedule an appointment to meet at the location of the sale. Once we've toured the location, we'll sit down, discuss our fees, explain the contract and answer any questions you may have.  At this point you are not committing to anything and the consultation is FREE.

Upon receiving the signed agreement, we will begin work on your behalf. We'll set up and schedule the advertising, begin staging and marking the merchandise. The preparation time and length of sale depends upon the size of the estate.  

Prior to the sale you are welcome to be present while we organize, appraise, and mark items, we ask that you agree not to be present at the sales location during the hours of the sale.

Hours of the sale:  Day 1 - Usually 6 hours long;  Day 2 - Usually 5 hours long;

Day 3 - TBD (will depend on the size of the estate and the amount of items still for sale)  Starting and ending times are depending on location of the sale



Specializing in Estate Sale Services

We can assist our client with:

  • The passing of a loved one
  • Relocating
  • Downsizing
  • House Clean Out


The time it takes for our set up depends on the size of the estate.  Our sales are usually 2-3 days long, we will bring out, set up, and price all items from top to bottom and in between. NOTE: Once the contract has been signed we strongly discourage the removal of items from the sale. We reserve the right to appraise the removed items and deduct a percentage of the sale from your share of the proceeds    


We will conduct the sale with 2 objectives, 1) To sell every item available 2) Maximize the proceeds of the sale.  We will negotiate prices on your behalf during the sale and accept bids as deemed appropriate by us in order to achieve the two objectives stated above.

  Telephone:  (414) 815-TOWN (8696)